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Light Show

by Jack Name

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  • Light Show by Jack Name
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When I awoke in a room, I had 24 at a time. How can I tell you? They were all mine. I know what I know because I’ve seen in the face She said “I got you to remember your sins, and you know I’m going to take off all my favorite things I got you to remember the place” Out of nowhere we’d untangled the taste I know it’s only tentative, man She said “I know it’s only tentative ,man And, that body you know...that body is mine What will you find?” Well, you know what I’ll find out if we count on my face when I’m not yet of age, when I’m not in your past tense, a seminal man Because the room is black and it’s filled up with every woman that I’ve ever known, every one I see including me is waiting for a goo-ray of hope I’ve been patient, but I grow impatient thinking about that body I try to be patient but I just want to place it down onto the base and dig
I was just a kid when the wooly-bully said that I wasn’t right “He’s a mistake" they said "he’s only going to make it if we show him the light” But they mis-spoke because the filament just broke on every instrument the bullies tried They said “the kid is light resistant, and the local superstition says we’ve got to get him out of sight” They cast me out, said “there can’t be any doubt about it, Banish the baby” I heard a sound coming off in the dark so I followed it, baby When I found it, Oh! How loud the sound was pounding on my banished little baby ears I realized I was born a rocker so I gave the door a knock and did the shadow Come out of the light and do the shadow I was just a kid when I found out where they hid we did the shadow Come out of the light and do the shadow! It was the crazies who raised me up I grew up doing the shadow all the time They hid me in their cloaks and spoke in codey jokes You’ve got to run and hide to do the shadow Come out of the light and do the shadow Now every time I hear a sound come out of the dark I feel alright Back at home the only thing they ever did was try to show me the light But I don’t want to see it and I wouldn’t want to be it because it just wouldn’t be right to let them fill you up with sleepers and salute the creepy creepers who diluted every feeling in sight There’s only one connection if you want a good reflection to your pretty mind You’ve got to run from the grey-face Gotta find a safe place to hide You must protect it You’ve got to reject it if they ever try to show you the light If you dream in color Don’t you know you’re going to love to do the shadow Come out of the light and do the shadow If nobody’s quite like you, we insist that you be true and do the shadow Come out of the light and do the shadow
Born To Lose 03:39
Here’s what happens when they put you under the lamp: I don’t believe in anybody since I heard the sound Everything rings, everything moves the way it should I don’t understand the things that I’m supposed to do The postings on the page seem meaningless "Feed your neck to a bear if you don’t need your head!” Patty told Hatty every thing to do “Find yourself a secret, something's wrong with you” Then you’re covered in light. “No good, born to lose”, that’s what they said “Reach out close your eyes open your hand Take a ticket, stick a cricket into your head Better you, take two, do it again You’re quickly getting sicker but we know what to do: tell you little lies and you tell us their true Keep the treatment secret because they won’t understand Better you, take two, do it again” Then you don’t know what to believe in, baby But there’s nothing in your way when you become the sound There’s nothing left to say And you don’t know what you believe in You know you’re covered in light
The littlest Shadow was using his hands Sound was the castle The quiet, the sand Bring us the dreams that you don't understand We have been waiting to see where you land Mirrors around you You know what they see Nothing to long for and no one to be Bring us a feeling that no one can flee "Why?" was the question The answer was free
New Guitars 01:07
I've been hoping and wishing That someone would sweep me away To a new land where I might wrap my hands Around some new guitars, man And play with some friends of mine But they'd say "Hey man, remember when they said you were So fast, larger than the others? You've been wandering, off in nowhere Longer than what anyone asked for"
Pure Terror 03:20
We were zero to five The year the bullies arrived You know they came to neutralize every shadow alive I was there with the gang the time the telephone rang To say a sleeper bit the leader with his medicine fangs We were zero to ten when they beat us again Ran us out of the town The shadows were down Now we hide from the glow Trashed our radio When we heard the bullies on the air singing "Pure Terror, on the TV Pure Terror tonight When you get the big bright fright in your sight Pure Terror tonight" We got letters from home, our friends were turned into stone (Bullies) filled their bodies with light til the meters were blown Then the kid came around to where the dances went down He knew our favorite songs He was singing along So we put on our spikes, started planning our strike Because we never met a shadow that we didn't like We'll be zero to none before the fighting is done And you hear the bullies on the air singing "Pure Terror, on the TV Pure Terror tonight When you get the big bright fright in your sight Pure Terror Tonight" Pure Terror works on you slowly til you feel like you're burning alive No more radio Pure Terror makes you feel like you're burning alive
You're hiding from the mind that you own It could never work You hopeless little boy Peak-a-boo! It's right there With your closet rods and feeding directions You're a helpless little man Freedom hooray It's right there It doesn't matter what distance you run It's right there You know you want to get it done It's right there You think about it all of the time It's right there You know that you got it if you need it Because it's right there
Light Show 01:29
"Hey! Check out the Grey-Face The Wooly Bully wash-up wasted one kid" Wooly Bully wants to keep you easy Feeding sleepers to your baby
I know a place I can go Where there's nothing left to see Nightmares and fears They come with ease Be aware of the danger in the air
You could be anybody Wrapped in a shadow You could be anybody Someone to kiss I could be anybody God knows I've got my shadow How could you confuse me so very badly, baby? I can't love just anybody I care what they say about me There's nothing so strange about me I'm a different kind of lady I've painted all my shadows white Though I've forgotten yesterday You say the same things they all say That you can't love just anybody You care what they say about me
Out Of Sight 04:10
Sudden Death That's what you get When there's no coo-coo feelings left That's what you get When you let the shadow thieves into your head Keep your shadow in the ground Because they'll know us by the sound And the Wooly Bully hounds Will balance us to put us down We are the new young believers We are the lucky shadows loyal dream receivers They get smarter every day And they'll trick you if they can If you see them coming hide From the lights in their eyes First the Grey-face turns you blue Then they split your mind in half Which is them and which is you? Who are you now? Who are you? We are the sons of Mother TV We are the runaways who left nobody grieving When I'm sitting in my room And some square comes on the screen In a soft light, telling me how flat my mind could be "What do you do?" Keep coo-coo Hold your shadow closely too There is only one of you Keep coo-coo no matter what you do We are the last living resisters We are the oracle's intrepid seven sisters And though we're losing as far as they know We will die before we take their poison halo
You were lost in the dark but we found you, Brother Dear Your shadow was heavy with anger, pain, and fear But we opened you up and filled your body with light And your shadow flew off with the black ravens into the night We filled your body with light We killed your shadow with light Your shadow flew off with the black ravens into the night You were never alone with us, oh Brother Dear But you ran to the poisonous world and left us all here But we found you at last and you're back in our peaceful den And we won't ever let your shadow come back here again


released January 21, 2014


all rights reserved



Jack Name Los Angeles, California

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